Relationships Under Construction Service Area

The Relationships Under Construction (RUC) leadership has over 30 years of experience teaching various risk avoidance programs in Ohio including in the late 1980s, reaching 55 middle schools in Columbus, Ohio and Franklin County.  RUC materials and resources encourage healthy decision making to avoid risky behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, and sexual activity outside of marriage.

RUC serves 32 Ohio counties in north, central and southern Ohio including direct services to these counties: Adams, Allen, Ashland, Athens, Auglaize, Crawford, Delaware, Franklin, Gallia, Hardin, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Knox, Lawrence, Licking, Madison, Marion, Mercer, Meigs, Morgan, Morrow, Perry, Pickaway, Pike, Richland, Ross, Scioto, Union, Van Wert, Vinton, and Wyandot counties.

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RUC also has trained over 1,500 instructors across the United States and in several countries.

Relationships Under Construction serves many counties with high teen pregnancy rates, high sexually transmitted diseases, high use of pornography and high use of illegal drugs. Our program addresses these and many more risk behaviors. RUC’s mission is to teach youth the blueprint for strong future families.

Relationships Under Construction assists schools in meeting state and federal law

Meeting the Law for relationship education:

The Ohio Revised Code, Section 3313.6011 and 3313.60 requires that abstinence or sexual risk avoidance education be taught in all public schools in Ohio. RUC meets the federal criteria for Title V found in Social Security Act 42, Section 710 including the eight criteria known as A-H.

See the Ohio Law here.

See the Federal Law of Title V, A-H and the thirteen themes here.

See a comparison of RUC and how it meets the state and federal law here.

RUC meets the following mandated state laws:

  • 3313.60 (A) (5)(b):  Tobacco, alcohol and drugs of abuse prevention education
  • 3313.60 (A) (5)(c):   Venereal disease education
  • 3313.60 (A) (5)(e):   Dating violence prevention education and healthy

relationships (Tina Croucher Law)

RUC assists school districts in fulfilling these mandates (per school request):

  • 3313.666: District harassment, intimidation and bullying prevention policy
  • 3313.667: District bullying prevention initiatives
  • 3313.073: Youth suicide awareness and prevention training and initiatives

We are also governed by our funding source and the Federal guidelines of the Social Security Act, 42 USC §710 (Title V §510) A-H criteria. Copies of any of the laws are available.

RUC’s Policy: No cell phones, camera, or recording devices are allowed by students or teacher while we present. Filming or recording is strictly prohibited.

Relationships Under Construction Programming

Studies show that students who practice sexual risk avoidance do better academically, experience less depression and have better long-term life outcomes than those who don’t. Relationships Under Construction (RUC) gives students hope, develops good character, and leads them toward positive decision making.

RUC has served over 378,194 students in 32 Ohio counties from 2002 – 2016. In Ohio we have seen a 44% reduction in teen births and a 35% reduction in teen abortion rates and often higher decreases in areas where we have served the most students. Our curriculum is medically accurate and updated with the latest statistics available. Schools are pleased with the delivery and content of the material. Students have fun while participating in the demonstrations and at the same time are amazed at the facts that they take with them. Facts that give them the power to make an informed decision that could determine the course of their future.  We encourage parent involvement with student worksheets, and can also offer a parent meeting if requested.

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) is a fairly new term to describe the programs we offer.  Other community programs may offer sexual risk reduction (SRR).  Our programs, SRA, offer a much broader scope and cover numerous topics including goal setting, decision-making skills, future orientation, communication skills, resistance skills, self-efficacy, self-regulation, medically accurate data on STI/STDs, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, sex and the law, abusive relationships, teen dating violence, addiction and pornography, contraceptive information, human trafficking, adverse childhood experiences, teen pregnancy, the importance of fatherhood, and overall optimal health for our youth.  Sexual risk reduction programs reduce the risk by offering condoms and birth control.  We only offer SRA programs.

RUC programs are holistic in nature, theoretically sound, and consistent with the public health models typically used to address youth risk behaviors.  RUC programs focus on primary prevention to achieve optimal health outcomes for all school-aged children while providing age appropriate information.

Overall, the RUC philosophy is very comprehensive.  RUC implements a teacher-developed curriculum that focuses on a life-style of healthy choices.  We promote an abstinent life-style, and in June 2015, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) reported, “the most reliable way to avoid the transmission of STDs is to abstain from oral, vaginal, and anal sex or to be in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with a partner known to be uninfected. . . For persons who are being treated for an STD other than HIV (or whose partners are undergoing treatment), counseling that encourages abstinence from sexual intercourse until completion of the entire course of medication is crucial.”

RUC includes additional information to dispel myths and provide a whole-person framework for understanding WHY risk avoidance is the healthiest choice not only for now, but for the health of the students’ future families.

  • Students we have presented to who have made a pledge to save sex for marriage 93.7%

Here’s what they are saying

This class helped me because I’m still a virgin but my boyfriend who is 3 years older than me has had sex with 3 other girls. I knew he expected it from me but with this class I was able to tell him my boundaries and that we weren’t having sex. He may be mad, but whatever.

7th grade female

This presentation was very, very, very, very, very, very, helpful. Everything that was said this week helped me a lot. Because I recently got a boyfriend, and was close to having sex with him. I’m talking like a week or so. But, thank you for showing me it is better to wait. Because, if you would have came any later than this week I would already have gave myself away to him. So, yes, I now really consider being abstinent. Thank you!

7th grade female




























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